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Gumbo Social Pop-Up Restaurant Takes Over Space in Bayview [Press Release November 16, 2022]

Farmers market favorite is opening its first brick and mortar location



Dontaye Ball (aka Mr. Gumbo)

Gumbo Social

+1 650-733-4134

Instagram @gumbosocial

For Immediate Release:

San Francisco, California: Gumbo Social today announced that they just took over the space formerly owned by Frisco Fried at 5176 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94124. This milestone is a major move for Gumbo Social on its mission to make Gumbo America’s national dish and to bring great soul food to the Bayview and San Francisco in particular.

“We’re excited to have a place where the community can come on a daily basis instead of waiting for us to pop up at a farmers market or event,” says Dontaye Ball, Chef Owner of Gumbo Social. “I’m grateful to Marcel Banks, owner of Frisco Fried, for paving the way and making this possible.”

Restaurant opening key details

  • Chef Ball intends to open the Gumbo Social restaurant by March 2023.

  • The restaurant will feature “build your own gumbo” as well as a selection of other soul food favorites including five po’ boys and the beloved California greens and other vegan options that became popular at farmers markets.

  • As part of their opening efforts, Gumbo Social will be launching a Kickstarter on Monday, Nov 21, 2022 to raise money for renovations.

“It’s challenging for black owned businesses to get funding through traditional banking and lending services. This Kickstarter is a way for us to negate some of those challenges,” says Chef Ball.

Where to get more info

Learn more about the Kickstarter fundraiser here. Read more about Chef Dontaye Ball here. Learn more about Gumbo Social here.


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